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I’m Liz Kelly, a stepmom for nearly ten years to two teenage (bonus) boys and mom to two toddler boys.

My husband and I are raising these four incredible souls on our homestead near Princeton, New Jersey.

Five years ago, I became steeped in an education on how the brain processes emotion. Now as a neuro-emotional coach, I work with high-achieving women – especially stepmoms – providing emotional safety and the tools and language to understand how their emotions work. Through this work, women are changing how they show up for themselves and their families.

Prior to this work, I honed my love of language and the ways in which people communicate through a 20-year career in writing and public relations.


To flip the script on what it means to be a stepmom and empower women to bring their unique gifts to the role.

There is no one way to stepparent. There is no playbook.

When I stepped into a stepparent role nearly 10 years ago, I didn’t have any close friends or family who had stepparenting experience. Every resource I turned to focused solely on the biological parents, not supporting the stepparent themselves. I understand the constraints and isolation placed on stepmoms because I’ve been there.

Liz Kelly. Stepmom Redefined. Coaching for Stepmoms. Work with me.

Being a stepmom is sacred work.

I believe the women who choose to become stepmoms have the capacity to love beyond measure. It’s a choice to take on this role, and it’s a choice to believe that it can be better. At Stepmom Redefined, we’re creating a movement that celebrates and supports stepmoms for the work that they do and for the love that they pour into their families.

We’re here to break the mold.

There’s an easier way to stepmom. It’s time for your family to flourish.